About Us

Bella Power & Light provides comprehensive LED lighting solutions for any type of business or community. We buy direct from the manufacturers and pass along the savings to you by eliminating all additional (15-25%) marks up by non-valued added middlemen.

We represent over 50 manufacturers and work diligently to find the perfect solution for your project.

Bella Power & Light is at the forefront of the LED technology and lighting controls that reduce operating costs and create safe communities and businesses.

Engineers Anthony Vitucci and Alonso Morlesin are the founders and are still involved with every project, they have over 45 years of engineering experience.

Our Services

Sport Lighting

Bella Power & Light are experts at Sport Lighting design and installation; we have the specialized engineering knowledge and experienced installation professionals to complete any size project. We can design an Indoor or Outdoor LED Lighting Solution to meet any Tennis Associations Standards or American Sport Building Standard:

  • American Sports Builder Association
  • International Tennis Federation

When designing an LED Lighting layout for a tennis court, the objective is to ensure good visibility enabling both participants and spectators to follow the progress of a game. The ball, regardless of its location and speed, should always be clearly visible with good illumination levels and even distribution of light across the playing surface (uniformity).

Bella Power & Light represents the top LED Tennis manufacturers in the world.

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LED Lighting Exterior

By upgrading to LED lighting, communities are saving 30%-70% on energy costs while enhancing pedestrian safety. LED luminaires require virtually no maintenance and last 15-20 years.

Bella Power & Light has the ability to install light poles of all sizes, along with underground electrical. We have partnership with the best Pole Setters and Underground Utility contractors in the state.

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Solar Lighting

Bella Solar Street Lights are the reliable way to light any outdoor area. Whether you need light to enhance visibility or improve security, our solar powered lights are the most economical solution to light any roadway, parking lot, path, trail, billboard, sign, fence line or complex.

These environmentally friendly, energy efficient off-grid lighting solutions lower costs by reducing the fees associated with conventional light bulb replacement and continued unwanted maintenance fees. Greatly reduce or eliminate electric bills altogether, no costly installation or trenching expenses.

All LEDs are rated for a minimum of 65,000 hours (14+ years at 12 hours/day). The panels are high efficiency (20%), and all batteries are 12V and provide 4-5 days reserve power with zero light.

Our solar lighting kits have a variety of applications, including: Street Lights, Parking Lights, Road Lighting, Gate Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Ramp Lighting, Sidewalk Lighting, Campus Lighting, Boat Dock Lighting, Farm & Ranch Lighting, Wildlife Area Lighting, and Perimeter Security Lighting.

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