The road is calling, and Bella Power & Light has answered. By upgrading to LED lighting, communities are saving 30 to 70 percent on energy costs while greatly enhancing driver and pedestrian safety. LED luminaires require virtually no maintenance, last 15 years or more, and deliver a very favorable payback.


Sidewalk and Walking Paths


LED luminaires provide uniform shadow-free illumination for building entries and walkways, enhancing any architectural style. Multiple height options provide lighting design flexibility for a range of applications.


Parking Lots


LED luminaires have been designed from the bottom up to meet the unique lighting requirements of parking lots. LED Parking Lot luminaires are incredibly efficient without sacrificing application performance.
LED Parking Lot luminaires are an ideal replacement for outdated fixtures and can provide increased value while displacing a range of incumbent technologies from 70W up to 400W.


Parking Structures


Low-glare illumination with high-energy efficiency for parking garages presents particular challenges, and LED Luminaires specifically designed for Parking Structures perform better than any legacy lighting.
LED Luminaires designed for Parking Structures deliver unprecedented low-glare illumination, exceptional energy efficiency and fast payback, redefining how you think about parking garage lighting.


Sport Lighting


From youth sports fields to high level adult facilities, Bella Power & Light is a leader in LED sports lighting. We bring more than 7 years of experience, designing LED lighting systems to meet the needs of our customers.
Bella Power & Light has partnered with the top LED sports lighting manufacturers to significantly lower energy consumption, while reducing the environmental impact of spill light and glare.
Bella Power & Light’s proven system design incorporates lighting, structural, and electrical components to provide guaranteed performance and trouble-free installation.


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